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  1. Thanks, Greg. Had I not implemented my own version of the fix in a package on Friday, I would have used this. That being said, it’s a damn shame you have to do Adobe’s work for them. This is part of how their fix should have been distributed. It could have also added a flag such as –includePS that could have bundled in the update contents of the Photoshop update, thus including the entire fix in a native Apple pkg. But of course, they’d never do anything like that, so kudos to you for filling the void, as usual.

  2. donmontalvo says:

    @mboylan Adobe is getting complacent, since they know Mac admins will step up with workarounds. Their dev team are incapable or indifferent. Adobe isn’t going to “fix” the dev team issue without a lot of pressure.

    Your MacEnterprise thread is just the ticket, this fiasco is Adobe’s “Newtown” and we need to strike while the iron is hot. Publicly lambasting Adobe over their crappy installers got us AAMEE and Jody…


  3. innermotion says:

    Greg once again you have reinvented the wheel 😉 and saved me several hours over multiple sites messing about with this issue.
    Tips hat

  4. Steven says:

    Works kinda well – I had to separately re-serialize Acrobat Pro even though it came in as part of the suite but otherwise no snags so far.

    1. Shane Palmer says:

      Steven, I had this happen with Acrobat as well. Were you able to reserialize it using Greg’s tool or did you do something else? Did you use the same serial number as Creative Suite or did you have to grab a standalone serial number for Acrobat?

      1. Steven says:

        The same number – it worked fine and so far (knock knock) all is well. The hard part is that not all our installations have actually had the problem come up so instead I just ARD to search for all installations with Photoshop<13.0.4 and went ahead whether they had the problem or not. It took several hrs. Still better than doing otherwise that this proceedure.

      1. Steven says:

        I used greg’s tool for the suite and manually entered the number for acrobat. Though it came with the CS6 suite install it appears to ignore or partially ignore the fix for the rest of the suite.

    2. Shane Palmer says:

      Can you share the LEID number you manually entered? I have been searching on Google and can only find LEID numbers for the Windows version of Acrobat. I finally looked through the CS6 install media and found AcrobatPro-AS1-Mac-GM. Is that what you used?

      1. Steven says:

        I didn’t recreate any tool – I just used the serial number of the CS6 install for acrobat’s own registration. That’s all. It wanted the registration number and Adobe ID. That’s it.

  5. Steven says:

    And of course we don’t have one version everywhere – at least three so three separate versions of the procedure. And Acrobat has to be tested but doesn’t always fail. Just most of the time. O joy.

  6. Jonathan says:

    The install is failing for some reason after package is created any ideas? Here is the command I’m using…

    python reserial –leid DesignSuiteStandard-CS6-Mac-GM –serial serial#here –identifier com.blah.reserializer
    –version 1.0 ~/Desktop/Reserializer.pkg

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