Munki 4 Release Candidate 1

This is a release candidate of Munki 4.0, a major architectural change to the Munki tools.

Munki 4 removes the dependency on Apple’s Python, and includes its own copy of Python 3.7.4.

Functionality is intended to be identical to Munki 3.6.4.

See Introduction to Munki 4 for more information on the architectural changes.

If you use AutoPkg, do not use the munkitools3.munki recipe to import this release, as it will not import the new embedded Python package and any clients upgraded with the results will be broken.

A new munkitools4.munki recipe is available in the AutoPkg recipes repo.

Previous betas for this code base were numbered as 3.7.0 betas.

Munki 4 Release Candidate 1

AutoPkg 2020: MacSysAdmin 2019 links

Here are links for references in my MacSysAdmin 2019 presentation, AutoPkg 2020:

Disney Animation


AutoPkg videos

Integration and automation

Python 3

More info

AutoPkg 2020: MacSysAdmin 2019 links

PSU MacAdmins Python 3 Convert-a-thon resources

Here’s a list of resources for the Python 3 Convert-a-thon at PSU MacAdmins 2019:

Python 3 framework (generic/stock framework from (relocatable framework with pip, PyObjC, xattr, and six pre-installed)



Install python-modernize and pylint using pip:

pip install modernize
pip install pylint


Apple Installer pkg containing python-modernize and pylint:


six is installed as part of Apple’s Python 2.7 install; if you download the relocatable Python 3 framework from the link above, it also includes (a newer version of) six.

The Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide

Cheat Sheet: Writing Python 2-3 compatible code

One case-study

PSU MacAdmins Python 3 Convert-a-thon resources

PSU MacAdmins 2019 Packaging Workshop Course Materials

If you are participating in my packaging workshop next week at Penn State, please prepare in advance by downloading these items. (Don’t install them, just download them):

Sample packages (new — added July 7):

Firefox disk image:

Google Chrome disk image:

Suspicious Package


WhiteBox Packages:


Sure, you can also try downloading these items the morning of the workshop, but why tempt the WiFi spirits?

PSU MacAdmins 2019 Packaging Workshop Course Materials

Munki 3.6 is here!

This is the official release of Munki 3.6, an important new release of the Munki tools.

The primary new feature of Munki 3.6 is new versions of Managed Software and, rewritten in Swift. These new applications are intended to behave nearly the same as the PyObjC-based applications they replace, with some speed and reliability improvements.

Munki 3.6 will install (and is supported) on macOS 10.10+. Older macOS versions are no longer supported.

Munki 3.6 is here!

MacSysAdmin 2018 links

Here are some links from my presentation at MacSysAdmin 2018 in Göteborg, Sweden, “Imaging is Dead: What Now?”

Der Flounder, “Imaging will be dead soonish”:




Apple, “Upgrade macOS on a Mac at your institution”:

Apple, “APFS and Imaging”:

Apple, “Restore Apple T2 firmware on iMac Pro”:

Apple, “Restore Apple T2 firmware on 2018 MacBook Pro”:

Apple, “How to create a bootable installer for macOS”:



Erik Gomez, Custom DEP series:

Victor Vranchan, “Munkiing around with DEP”:

Armin Briegel, “macOS Installation for Apple Administrators”:

MacSysAdmin 2018 links