Professional Training and Support for Munki

munkiOne of the objections some organizations have against using open source tools like Munki is that they want to pay for professional training and support.

Amsys has professional training for Munki:

If you can’t get to London, check out other professional support and training organizations around the world:

Munki Professional Support

Professional Training and Support for Munki Advanced Munki links

Here are the collected links from today’s “Advanced Munki” presentation at the MACAD conference in London (

Unattended installs:
Force install after date:
Apple Update Metadata:
Conditional items:
Admin-provided conditions:
Pre- and Post-install scripting:
Bootstrapping with Munki:
Configuration Profiles with Munki:
Desktop picture profile template:
On-Demand items: Not much documentation yet! But…
Customizing the GUI: Advanced Munki links

Preference Management with Profiles links

Here are links to some of the tools and resources I mention today in my MacSysAdmin 2015 presentation, Preference Management with Profiles:



Profile Manager (Server 4):

Profile Manager (Server 5):

Configuration Profile reference:

Preference Management with Profiles links

PSU MacAdmins 2015 Packaging Workshop

If you are participating in the Packaging Workshop on July 7th at the Penn State MacAdmins Conference, you may want to download some materials in advance when you aren’t competing with all the other people for limited conference Wi-Fi bandwidth. Note — don’t install these items — just download their installers and keep them handy for the workshop.

Silverlight pkg:

Adobe Reader 11 pkg:

Google Earth pkg:

Firefox dmg:

Google Chrome dmg:


Some optional things:

Suspicious Package:


PSU MacAdmins 2015 Packaging Workshop