Munki 5.1.2 Official Release

This is the official release of Munki 5.1.2: an update to the Munki tools.
There are two changes in this release from version 5.1.1: 

• Code signing has been removed from files in the embedded Python framework; the existing code signing was broken because of the process making the framework relocatable. 

• When importing a Big Sur installer, the pkginfo will reflect the 35.5GB required space for upgrading from macOS Sierra or later. (See

The main focus for the Munki 5.1.x releases is compatibility with macOS Big Sur, but there are other changes.

See release notes for Munki 5.1 ( and 5.1.1 ( for more details on those changes.

See for information on the changes in Munki 5.

Munki 5.1.2 Official Release