You Oughta Check Out AutoPkg: Links

If you attended my presentation on AutoPkg today, thanks! Here are the links:


AutoPkg recipe repos:


AbsoluteManage Processor:

AutoPkg Change Notifications script:

MacSysAdmin 2013 session:

Steve Yuroff’s AutoPkg and Jenkins notes:

AutoPkg Wiki:

You Oughta Check Out AutoPkg: Links

Post-PSU Mac Admins Pre-Conference Workshop

If you attended the workshop today Matt and I led on “Python for Systems Administrators”, thank you! Here are links to some of the additional information and documentation mentioned today:

Course materials:

Cocoa documentation links



Plists and Foundation:

More documentation:

Post-PSU Mac Admins Pre-Conference Workshop

Reporting on Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard battery status

On the MacEnterprise list (, Michael Edwards posed an interesting question:

Anyone know of a handy way to monitor the status of bluetooth keyboard/trackpad battery levels on remote machines? We have several Mac Mini’s that use them, that are machines with no primary individual user – so it would be handy to get notified (email or similar) when the batteries need to be changed.

So I thought it might be fun to figure out how to answer this.
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Reporting on Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard battery status

Undocumented options

Rich Trouton posted today about undocumented options for the asr command-line utility.

On Twitter, Marnin asked:

Lots of OS X utilities have undocumented options. Take for example /usr/sbin/softwareupdate — the command-line Apple Software Update utility.

It’s had several undocumented options for years. Continue reading “Undocumented options”

Undocumented options