Flash Player 20 and Analytics

Flash Player 10Flash Player was a frequent topic on this blog in the past. But Adobe has improved its packaging, and tools like AutoPkg have taken away much of the pain around deploying frequent Flash Player updates.

Yesterday, Adobe released Flash Player 20. A new addition is an executable at /Library/Application Support/Adobe/FPFeedbackService. Poking at this executable using strings makes it clear the tool reports analytics back to Adobe.

Some fine people on the MacAdmins Slack channel poked at it some more with Hopper and determined it can be turned off by adding DisableAnalytics=1 to a configuration file at /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/mms.cfg.

If you wish to disable Flash analytics in your fleet, then, one approach would be to install a properly configured mms.cfg file. The https://github.com/munki/munki-pkg-projects repo has a project you can use to build such a package: https://github.com/munki/munki-pkg-projects/tree/master/AdobeFlashConfiguration

The AdobeFlashConfiguration project is designed for use with the munki-pkg tool.

More info on Flash analytics here: https://osxbytes.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/flash-player-20-0-0-235-adds-phone-home-analytics/

Flash Player 20 and Analytics

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