Reporting on Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard battery status

On the MacEnterprise list (, Michael Edwards posed an interesting question:

Anyone know of a handy way to monitor the status of bluetooth keyboard/trackpad battery levels on remote machines? We have several Mac Mini’s that use them, that are machines with no primary individual user – so it would be handy to get notified (email or similar) when the batteries need to be changed.

So I thought it might be fun to figure out how to answer this.

I first looked at system_profiler:

system_profiler -listDataTypes lists SPBluetoothDataType.


system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType

      Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 4.0.8f17
      Hardware Settings:
          Address: 00-26-B0-F5-7B-72
          Manufacturer: Broadcom
          Name: mini
          Firmware Version: v180 c367
          Bluetooth Power: On
          Discoverable: Yes
          Vendor ID: 0x5ac
          Product ID: 0x8216
      Devices (Paired, Favorites, etc):
          Apple Wireless Mouse:
              Address: 7c-6d-62-f2-47-2a
              Type: Mouse
              Firmware Version: 0x84
              Services: Apple Wireless Mouse
              Paired: Yes
              Favorite: No
              Connected: Yes
              Manufacturer: Apple (0x3, 0x31c)
              Vendor ID: 0x5ac
              Product ID: 0x30d
              EDR Supported: No
              eSCO Supported: No
          gneagle’s keyboard:
              Address: 00-25-bc-fc-29-01
              Type: Keyboard
              Firmware Version: 0x50
              Services: Apple Wireless Keyboard
              Paired: Yes
              Favorite: No
              Connected: Yes
              Manufacturer: Apple (0x3, 0x31c)
              Vendor ID: 0x5ac
              Product ID: 0x239
              EDR Supported: No
              eSCO Supported: No

That doesn’t seem to contain the info we’re looking for.

Next I looked at ioreg. It doesn’t have very friendly output, but we do what we can.

I first looked for info on anything with “Keyboard” in the name:

ioreg | grep Keyboard
    | |   |     | | | +-o AppleBluetoothHIDKeyboard  
    | |   |     | | |   | +-o AppleEmbeddedKeyboard  
    | |   |     | | |   |   +-o IOHIDKeyboard  

The -c option allows us to get more detail on anything with a specific class. ioreg -c AppleBluetoothHIDKeyboard returns lots of data, most of which we don’t care about. Visually looking through it, it looked like grepping for “Battery” would narrow things down a bit:

ioreg -c AppleBluetoothHIDKeyboard | grep Battery
    | |   |     | | |   |   "BatteryPanic" = Yes
    | |   |     | | |   |   "BatteryLow" = Yes
    | |   |     | | |   |   "BatteryLowNotificationType" = "LowBattery"
    | |   |     | | |   |   "BatteryDangerouslyLowNotificationType" = "CriticallyLowBattery"
    | |   |     | | |   |   "BatteryPercent" = 12
    | |   |     | | |   |   "Battery" = <"MVLT0x8f9UT

We can do something similar for “Mouse”:

ioreg | grep Mouse
    | |   |     |   | +-o BNBMouseDevice  
ioreg -c BNBMouseDevice | grep Battery
    | |   |     |   |   |   "BatteryPanic" = No
    | |   |     |   |   |   "Battery" = <"CHCT0x1CA$
    | |   |     |   |   |   "BatteryLow" = No
    | |   |     |   |   |   "BatteryLowNotificationType" = "LowBattery"
    | |   |     |   |   |   "BatteryPercent" = 56
    | |   |     |   |   |   "BatteryDangerouslyLowNotificationType" = "CriticallyLowBattery"

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to parse this info even further to get, say, just the BatteryPercent as a number, or just the value of BatteryLow. You could then send an email, open a ticket in your tracking system, update a web page, or whatever makes sense for your organization.

Reporting on Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard battery status

7 thoughts on “Reporting on Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard battery status

  1. Greg, yet again you’ve posted something incredibly useful. I’m trying to write this as a Customer Info Field in Absolute Manage so I can display the results. However, I’m not having much luck. Any hints on how to grep for a negative result in Bash? This script I’m writing returns the result “BatterLow command” not found. Any hints?

    BatteryLow = Yes

    ioreg -c BNBMouseDevice | grep BatteryLow $BatteryLow 1>/dev/null
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    echo $result

  2. Not really sure what you are trying to do here:

    ioreg -c BNBMouseDevice | grep BatteryLow $BatteryLow 1>/dev/null

    Maybe you want:

    /usr/sbin/ioreg -c BNBMouseDevice | grep '"BatteryLow" = Yes'


    1. I think I got it.

      if ioreg -c BNBMouseDevice | grep BatteryLow;
      [ “BatteryLow” = Yes ]; then
      echo $result

      Basically Absolute Manage will tell me if the Result=Replace.

  3. Joaquín says:

    Hi Greg! I get differents values from ioreg and from the drop down menu at bluetooth. The difference is big 37% at ioreg and 60% at bluetooth drop down menu…

    1. Joaquín says:

      btw “system_profile SPBluetoothDataType” showed me the Battery Level and it’s the same from the bluetooth drop down menu

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