If you’ve been using InstaDMG to create compiled modular deployment images, you may find it takes some work to get it to work with Mavericks.

Might I suggest a look at AutoDMG?

Works great to build Mountain Lion and Mavericks modular images; comes with a GUI(!) but usable from the command-line as well if you want to automate it!

Congratulations to MagerValp (Per Olofsson) on an excellent tool. It’s still in early development, but is shaping up very quickly.


3 thoughts on “AutoDMG

  1. donmontalvo says:

    Wow I finally had a chance to try AutoDMG, good tool for creating base images. Kudos to the developer.

  2. What type of workflow do you have with AutoDMG? I have AutoDMG build a never touched image that I ASR over to a disk with a few apps and a CreateUserPkg pkg file that creates an admin account for me. From there would you use a more complex tool like Casper to add additional applications / OS configurations?

    I am having trouble with the ARD client installer not allowing me to ARD into the machines though.

  3. Most people use AutoDMG together with other tools: for example, DeployStudio to deploy the disk image onto machines, and a software management system like Munki to install everything else on the machine after it is imaged. Other options include Casper, Absolute Manage, and Filewave.

    You’d build a “thin” disk image that contains the OS and whatever packages are needed for the machine to boot and let the software management system “take over” and run the show from there.

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