Adobe Flash Player 11.9

Flash Player 10Since I’ve complained about the various installers for Adobe Flash Player in the past, I feel honor-bound to compliment Adobe on this release:

Today Adobe released Flash Player 11.9.900.117, and this release includes a new package that does all the right things this time:

  1. It installs all needed components
  2. It installs silently from the command-line
  3. It installs properly at the loginwindow
  4. It installs on non-boot volumes

You can extract the package from the Install Adobe Flash Player application, or if you apply to redistribute Flash Player (which you should), you’ll find a link “for Systems Administrators”, which contains just the installation package.

The individual user installer can be obtained here.

Adobe Flash Player 11.9

6 thoughts on “Adobe Flash Player 11.9

  1. cashxx says:

    I have been seeing complaints on this and have no issues? I download the regular package, tear out the pkg in the Adobe wrapping and push it out with ARD. Clients all have the correct Flash and never had any issues. What exactly is the problem everyone is complaining about?

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