Disabling iCloud as default save location

Krypted.com has a new post on disabling iCloud as the default save location for new documents.

This feature affects apps that can save to iCloud, and only if the user has an iCloud account configured for the current login.

Still, you might want to turn this off by default for all users in your organization so they don’t accidentally store company documents on Apple’s servers. The Krypted.com post shows a command-line way to change this setting for a single user. How might you do this for all users?

One way would be to install a computer-level profile that installs the right settings. Here’s one.

If installed as root using the /usr/bin/profiles tool:

sudo profiles -I -F DontSaveNewDocumentsToiCloud.mobileconfig

This setting will be applied Once to all users as they login.

DontSaveNewDocumentsToiCloud.mobileconfig was created using Tim Sutton’s mcxToProfile tool.

Disabling iCloud as default save location

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  1. Dan says:

    Is there an easy way to add a string to the “Custom” section of Profile Manager to accomplish this if all Macs are already being managed that way? Or does it actually require the additional profile?

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