Yet Another Post on Flash Player 11.3

If you’ve decided to repackage Flash Player 11.3 in order to side-step some of the mass deployment issues, or if you want to write a script to remove/uninstall Flash Player, it’s helpful to have a list of what gets installed.

The Adobe Flash Player.pkg installs the following files:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player Install Manager
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player Install Manager/fpsaud
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin.lzma
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/flashplayer.xpt
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Info.plist
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/MacOS
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/Flash Player
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/FlashPlayerPreferences.nib
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/FlashPlayerPreferences.png
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/FlashPlayerPreferences.searchTerms
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/InfoPlist.strings
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/minusSign.png
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/pencilIcon.png
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/plusSign.png
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/Contents/Resources/version.plist

The /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin.lzma file listed above is then expanded in the package postflight script (which is actually a binary executable instead of a script) into the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin bundle.

If you use Adobe’s recommended “silent” installation method, or just manually run the Install Adobe Flash, /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Flash Player Install is also created.

So here’s a list of paths to either capture into a package if you are repackaging Flash Player, or to remove if you are trying to do a silent uninstall:

/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Flash Player Install
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player Install Manager/
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin/
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/flashplayer.xpt
/Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane/

Optionally, you might also want to remove:

/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/mms.cfg

Which contains the Flash Player auto-update settings.

Yet Another Post on Flash Player 11.3

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Post on Flash Player 11.3

  1. donmontalvo says:

    Great article…I just wish Adobe would give Jody Rodgers control of the renegade Flash Player team. It’s time for a changing of the guard…


  2. Jeff says:

    Anything wrong with ONLY pushing out these two files to clients to upgrade them?
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin/
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/flashplayer.xpt

      1. Jeff says:

        It seems to work fine and it seems to be sufficient. I was asking more from a technical standpoint. Based on how many files get installed in the package vs. just installing those two files do you see any reason why using only the two files might cause any issues with performance or stability, etc.?

        I keep two sets of flash player plugins on my admin machine (one for standard and one for debug). I push out the appropriate two files via Apple Remote Desktop based on whether the user requires standard or debug flavor.

        I’ve used this method for a while now and it seems to work fine. With all the changes happening to the installer, etc. and based on all of your experience, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t breaking anything now or going forward by continuing to use my method.

        thanks for all of your hard work digging up all of this info.

  3. Jeff:

    If you don’t install the Preference Pane and the updater bits, the functionality provided by those components won’t be available. That’s it. Whether or not you’ve “broken” anything depends on your point of view.

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