iPhoto 9 vs Software Update

UPDATE 18 July 2012:

Apple has re-added the iPhoto 9.1 and 9.2.3 updates to Software Update. This should fix the issue described below.

Recently on several mailing lists and on the #osx-server IRC channel on Freenode, people have been reporting issues with iPhoto 9.0, installed from the Apple iLife ’11 DVD or an disk image of the DVD, not showing any available updates from Apple Software Update.

Several of us looked at this issue yesterday on the Freenode #osx-server IRC channel and have concluded it is an Apple bug.

It appears that the only update for iPhoto 9 currently offered in Apple Software Update is the iPhoto 9.3 update.

There are two problems with this.

  1. This update requires Mac OS X 10.7.4. If you are running anything older, it will not be shown as an available update.
  2. This update requires iPhoto 9.1. If you are running iPhoto 9.0, it will not be shown as an available update.

For 10.7.4 machines, install the standalone iPhoto 9.1 update available from http://support.apple.com/downloads. The 9.3 update will become available. (Of course you could just use the standalone updates to update all the way to iPhoto 9.3.)

For machines running OS X versions earlier than 10.7.4, you’ll need to use the standalone updates available from http://support.apple.com/downloads to first update to iPhoto 9.1, then to iPhoto 9.2.3.


iPhoto 9 vs Software Update

12 thoughts on “iPhoto 9 vs Software Update

  1. FTBZ says:

    I noticed the same problem. With advice from Patrick on the Absolute Manage forums I’ve installed Reposado with Margarita to avoid this kind of problems in the future. Perhaps it’s important to report the bug to Apple with the bug reporter tools (bugreport.apple.com).

    1. Reposado won’t necessarily help you avoid these problems. If you had happened to already have the earlier updates in your Reposado repo, you might have been able to continue to offer them; but they were affected by the certificate expiration issue, so it’s likely they would not be able to have been installed.

      I agree this should be reported to Apple. Please someone else do that!

  2. FTBZ says:

    If you keep the old version in Reposado it’s possible to keep it when Apple remove the updates (as I understand). I’m wrong ?

    1. But you must already _have_ the old version. That won’t help you now if you set up a new Reposado server, as there is no way to get the old updates that are no longer offered by Apple. And I don’t believe Apple ever re-released the older iPhoto 9 updates with updated (non-expired) certificates, so even if you had the old updates in your Reposado repo, it’s likely that Software Update would refuse to install them because they contained expired certificates.

      1. FTBZ says:

        Sure, I set up this server to prevent the future cases like that. Thanks for your informations.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Nope, still getting the following error: “iPhoto 9.1 or later is required to install this update.”

  3. TimM says:

    Looks like Apple fixed this. I had a few machines today that grabbed the 9.1 update and then the 9.3.1 update.

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