Public Service Announcement

Mountain Lion imageToday Apple announced the next major release of Mac OS X — Mountain Lion.

It’s shipping sometime this summer.

So some advice:

If you manage Macs for your organization, get a Mac Developer Program membership and download the Developer Preview and start testing. If your organization won’t pay for or reimburse you for the developer membership, pay for it yourself. It’s that important that you get ready for the new release.

Don’t wait until Mountain Lion ships to familiarize yourself with the changes. Test now. File bugs with Apple. File enhancement requests with your third-party software vendors, especially vendors of your management tools. Get ahead of the game.

Enroll here:

This concludes this public service announcement.

Public Service Announcement

4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Don Montalvo says:

    Yep, good advice. We’ve got spare Macs that (luckily) support Mountain Lion. We’ve been beagting up on it since Friday.

    We also virtualized it in Parallels…although without Parallels Tools that support it, no network connectivity (file sharing works between VM and host).

    The more exposure the better.


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