Firefox 10 ESR and CCK notes

firefox iconNick McSpadden has posted some notes about using the Firefox CCK to manage Firefox 10 ESR here:

It grates on me that (since about version 8) any time a new version of Firefox is released, I get to choose between the following evils:

  1. Repackage Firefox.
  2. Run a script or install an auxiliary package after installing a new version of Firefox.
  3. Leave Firefox unmanaged.

This problem isn’t so bad if your machines are pretty tightly managed, but if your users can upgrade Firefox on their own or have figured out they can run Firefox from any location they have write access to, then Firefox is essentially unmanageable.

Firefox 10 ESR and CCK notes

Cauliflower Vest: FileVault 2 management for enterprise

Google’s MacOps team has released a new open source toolset for managing FileVault 2 for the enterprise: Cauliflower Vest.

Cauliflower Vest offers the ability to:

  • Forcefully enable FileVault 2 encryption.
  • Automatically escrow recovery keys to a secure Google App Engine server.
  • Delegate secure access to recovery keys so that volumes may be unlocked or reverted.

Cauliflower Vest: FileVault 2 management for enterprise

Public Service Announcement

Mountain Lion imageToday Apple announced the next major release of Mac OS X — Mountain Lion.

It’s shipping sometime this summer.

So some advice:

If you manage Macs for your organization, get a Mac Developer Program membership and download the Developer Preview and start testing. If your organization won’t pay for or reimburse you for the developer membership, pay for it yourself. It’s that important that you get ready for the new release.

Don’t wait until Mountain Lion ships to familiarize yourself with the changes. Test now. File bugs with Apple. File enhancement requests with your third-party software vendors, especially vendors of your management tools. Get ahead of the game.

Enroll here:

This concludes this public service announcement.

Public Service Announcement

NetBoot/Reposado appliance

JAMF Software has made available a virtual appliance that is a Linux server hosting Apple NetBoot services and Apple Software Update services via Reposado, the open-source SUS replacement from Walt Disney Animation Studios.



More about Reposado here:

and here:

NetBoot/Reposado appliance