Automated installs of Mac OS X Lion

OS X Lion imageI’ve made some tools for creating an automated install of Mac OS X Lion available for testing and feedback. These tools do not require Munki — you should be able to use them with any software distribution mechanism that can install Apple packages.


Zip archive:

Clone the Git repo:

git clone

Enjoy! Feedback and discussion should be directed to the munki-dev list at

Automated installs of Mac OS X Lion

23 thoughts on “Automated installs of Mac OS X Lion

    1. Edwin says:

      Ryan, perhaps you can help me, as I want to deploy it as well through ARD. I did the steps as in the text do, no adjustments, just copied the dmg into the lion pkg with the command that was given. I can copy the installlionpkg to the users desktop, and start it gfrom there, that works great, but the install option from ARD gives me te error: can’t be installed.. Any tips or trucs? the machine i want it to deploy to is a 10.6.8 imac with the right specs..

  1. Edwin says:

    Hi, there were several errors, but the solution was a simple one..
    I got the InstallESD.dmg from a collegae, but with the name InstallLionEsd.dmg. Renamed the file back, and it all works like a charm! Edwin

    1. That should be handled by whatever method you are using to deploy this. For example, munki will delete a diskimage containing this package after it’s been successfully installed, but before the reboot.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi, This looks really useful, but I’m stuck on the first step. I’m working from an Apple Lion thumb drive. There doesn’t seem to be a SharedSupport folder in Contents. Any idea where I can find the InstallESD?

  3. Dennis – that makes sense. So it would be difficult to use the thumb drive as a starting point for an InstallLion.pkg. Spend $30 and get the App Store download.

    1. You really should inspect the package and see for yourself what it is doing. For all you know, it’s installing a key logger and mailing the contents of all your private documents to Russia.

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