Introducing Reposado

Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a new open-source project of interest to Mac OS X system administrators: Reposado

Reposado eliminates the need for Mac OS X Server (and Apple hardware) to host an internal Apple Software Update service. Reposado, a set of tools written in Python, replicates Software Update catalogs and updates. You can then use any available web server to serve these to your clients.

Additionally, Reposado allows you to easily implement an unstable/testing/release workflow, where you release updates only to a small set of machines for testing before releasing the updates to the rest of your managed machines.

Finally, Reposado allows you to continue offering “deprecated” updates. When Apple releases a new version of iTunes or Safari or a new Snow Leopard update, previous updates are no longer available from Apple’s update servers. But with Reposado, you can continue to offer these “deprecated” updates to your machines until you’ve tested the new versions.

Reposado is hosted on GitHub here.
The mailing list is here.

Introducing Reposado

18 thoughts on “Introducing Reposado

    1. Andrew Tucker says:

      I’ve started looking at rolling out a netboot server on linux based on this article:

      We changed we made to the config wsa to use a range of since we use Microsoft DHCP on our network, When netbooting a Mac they still use the windows server for DHCP then they will pickup the BSDP server.

      BSDP packets from a OS X netboot server just have the IP address set to zeros anyway in wireshark, so it’s fundamentally the same

      1. Håkan Hagenrud says:

        Can you please share your dhcpd.conf? I cannot make the Linux box act as a bspd server standalone. I can boot the Mac against the Linux box if I specify booter, kernel and boot-image with bless.
        That would help a lot.

    2. Drake says:

      Take a look at Deploy Studio,
      I’ve Been using it and I love it

      also take a look at instaDMG, it will allow you to create a “never Booted” and Updated asr ready DMG image that you can use with deploy studio

  1. Michael Stango says:

    Checked this out briefly over the weekend, and it’s not bad. A web-based GUI to manage the different updates and branches would be a great addition, and probably not too hard to pull off.

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  3. Drake says:

    I been using Reposado for about a week and it has been great

    My setup
    Hardware = Intel Macbook laptop 2Ghz, 2 megs of ram
    OS = OSX server 10.6.8
    Cisco 10/100 full duplex switches

    I can get about 10 systems to update without any issues, once I add more clients I start to get errors that the host can not be found or is not responding to requests

    Can this be a limitation on my hardware, or can it be a limitation on the apche server that comes with Apple server os

    here are the web settings under the mac

    Max simultaneous connections = 2000
    Connections timeout = 300
    Min Spare servers = 16
    Max Spare servers =64
    number of servers to start = 1

    Allow persistent connections = yes
    Max Allow Requests = 1000
    persistent connection timeout = 15 seconds

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