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Image for Adobe HelpAdobe Community Help Client 3.5 for the Adobe CS5 apps has been released:

However, like prior releases, Adobe doesn’t make it easy to deploy. Fortunately, this technique still works.

You’ll need:
The package wrapper.
The updated Adobe AIR Installer. Make sure to extract it from the disk image before adding it to the package wrapper.
The updated AdobeHelp.air app. (Adobe doesn’t make that easy to find!)

Follow the instructions from the prior post, and don’t forget to bump the CFBundleShortVersionString in the Info.plist to “”.

Good luck!

Updated on 02 July 2012 with a new link to the package wrapper.

More Help from Adobe

15 thoughts on “More Help from Adobe

  1. Hi Greg,
    I asked this on the Creative Suite Updates blog, but haven’t received a reply – do you know if it’s possible to update all the CHC content in one go?

    The Adobe site mentions you can download the help for each point product individually. Do you know if there’s a way to download it all at once, or automate the process somehow?

    1. Don’t know the answers to that. I think Don Montalvo figured some of it out; check the comments to the earlier Adobe Community Help Client post.

      1. Possible with a snapshot. But we found Adobe Help and CHC work much better when we force them to point to the internet to display hosted data. Locally caching Adobe CS5 Master Collection data amounted to 1.3 GB per user when we tested a few months ago…and then it’s a nightmare to manage (no way to push incremental updates to users). By pointint Adobe Help and CHC to internet, makes things much more manageable.


      2. Paul Hildahl says:


        How are you pointing Adobe Help and the Adobe Community Help Client to the internet?

  2. Karthikeyan M says:

    CHC Version now is 3.5.23

    I hope CFBundleShortVersionString in the Info.plist to be “3.5.23″.

  3. Karthikeyan M says:

    Hi Greg,

    We tried pushing the AdobeCS5.5 AIR3.0 and CHC 3.5.23 over Adobe CS5 AIR2.5.1 and CHC3.3, the install fails and error is as follows

    (both packaged using package wrapper)

    Oct 26 05:20:50 adobecs5test installd[31364]: PackageKit: Install Failed: PKG: post-flight scripts for “com.googlecode.munki.pkg.adobehelpinstaller”\nError Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain Code=112 UserInfo=0x100401720 “An error occurred while running scripts from the package “AdobeCS5.5_AIR3.0_and_CHC3.5.23_20111025.pkg”.” {\n NSFilePath = “./postflight”;\n NSLocalizedDescription = “An error occurred while running scripts from the package \U201cAdobeCS5.5_AIR3.0_and_CHC3.5.23_20111025.pkg\U201d.”;\n NSURL = “file://localhost/Users/admin/Desktop/AdobeCS5.5_AIR3.0_and_CHC3.5.23_20111025.pkg”;\n PKInstallPackageIdentifier = “com.googlecode.munki.pkg.adobehelpinstaller”;\n}
    Oct 26 05:20:50 adobecs5test Installer[31333]: Install failed: The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

    Have you came across this issue?

    P.S:- I am trying to push CS5.5 over Adobe CS5


  4. Nope, we’ve updated CHC to 3.5.23; but have not yet attempted to update AIR to 3.0.

    It’s possible (likely?) that the AIR 3 installer works differently than the AIR 2 installer.

    You should do the tasks the postflight script is trying to do manually and see what happens.

    1. Karthikeyan M says:

      Hi Greg,

      I found the cause. Its due to CHC installed on the other partition of the mac. The postflight script fails if other partitions has Adobe CHC installed.


  5. Karthikeyan M says:

    Hi Greg,

    Please upload the package wrapper in new link. Mobile Me is closed. I am trying to download it. Does it technique works with Adobe CS6 products?


    1. I’ve updated the link for the package wrapper. I don’t know if it still works with CS6 — why don’t you try it and let us know?

      1. Karthikeyan M says:

        Hi Greg,

        AAMEE 3.0 excludes Adobe Dreamweaver widget browser, AIR and CHC in CS6 . I hope this script will install only AIR and CHC. I have edited the script to install Adobe Dreamweaver widget browser. WidgetBrowser.air can be found in Exceptions folder while building the package with AAMEE3.0. It works with CS6 but I get a proxy authentication dialog while installing the package.

        Please verify the script , I am very new to scripting.:)


  6. Greg, Karthikeyan, we are getting requests to package/deploy CS6, so if there is a way to deal with the Dreamweaver widget in the same fashion as is possible with AIR/CHC, that would be awesome.

    1. We have not yet deployed (and might never deploy) Dreamweaver CS6. We also do not have an authenticated web proxy (or a web proxy at all) so this is not something we need to work on here. Good luck!

      1. donmontalvo says:

        Gotcha, whenever we find an environment that has an authenticating proxy server, it’s usually a sign of a clueless Windows admin who has no clue how these things impact Macs. 🙂

        We are testing your wrapper with the CS6 exceptions…luckily we don’t have an authenticating proxy server, so happy to post results.

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