Managing Office 2011

One of the more popular posts on this site has been this one on managing Microsoft Office 2008.
Microsoft Office 2011 is now available to volume license customers (and soon to everyone). We’re not yet deploying it at my organization, so I haven’t done much work with it. But others have — so if you are looking for some information on managing Office 2011, check out:

Managing Office 2011

4 thoughts on “Managing Office 2011

  1. Luis Carrascosa says:

    Thanks for posting these links. Great info!

    I read that you still haven’t done too much with 2011, but was wondering if you have heard or know of a way to disable the import/export feature that is in Outlook? I know that importing of a pst file into outlook allows you to do just that, import a pst. You cant add to it or export as a pst from Outlook 2011, but we would still like disable this feature. We would like to use WGM or local MCX, but would be open to any other method. If you or anyone else has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate the help.

  2. Joe says:

    Uh, has anyone noticed that goes to a bogus search engine? seem to work correctly.

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