New MCX keys for iTunes 10

iTunes 10 iconTip of the hat to Patrick Fergus on the MacEnterprise list:

Apple Knowledge Base article on managing iTunes 8.1 and later:

At the bottom are new keys added in iTunes 10:


Each of these take a boolean value.

Previously there was a single “disableCheckForUpdates” key that, when set to True, would disable both checking for updates to iTunes and checking for updates for iPhone/iPod/iPad devices. Now you can be more granular in your management.

New MCX keys for iTunes 10

5 thoughts on “New MCX keys for iTunes 10

  1. Eric Holtam says:

    I applied the disableCheckForApplicationUpdates (bool set to true) and disableCheckForDeviceUpdates (bool set to false, just to make sure) keys in our environment and they work as advertised. The actual menu item in the iTunes menu disappears for the application update option. Nice!

  2. JJ says:

    What about blocking Ping? Or how to tell itunes not to look for airport express’s or (AirPlay) devices??

    1. Armin says:

      Disabling the iTunes store (disableMusicStore key) will also disable Ping. There is no granularity right now, with the exception that you can enable iTunes U and disable the rest of the store.

    2. PJ says:

      Hi there,

      Checking the latest iTunes plist there is a boolean variable with the key “disablePing”

      Try this perhaps.

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