Enterprise Mac Managed Preferences

Looks like the ebook is available now, with the print book available very soon:


In this book, Ed Marzcak and I cover Apple’s Managed Preferences, or MCX from a practical standpoint. We discuss how Managed Preferences work, what they can manage, and some of the options you should consider. We cover several implementation scenarios, including Active Directory schema extension and even Local MCX. We also provide several step-by-step “recipes” for managing specific applications and features of Mac OS X. Written with Snow Leopard in mind, most of the examples and discussion is also applicable to Leopard, and in some cases, to Tiger as well.

Enterprise Mac Managed Preferences

13 thoughts on “Enterprise Mac Managed Preferences

  1. I just purchased it (DRM-free PDF, yay) and the screenshots have been compressed and rescaled to the point where they’re barely legible – check out figure 8-2 on page 132.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I haven’t seen the final book, either in eBook or print form. Please report your problem to Apress, and when I get my hands on the eBook, if the issue persists, I’ll let Apress know as well. Hopefully they can just re-export and fix it quickly.

    1. Can you email them again and cc me and Ed Marzcak in your email? This would allow us to follow up for you. Right now I have no way of bringing your specific issue to Apress’s attention.

  3. Steven Allred says:

    Great Book!!! Thanks for writing this book. The graphics are no big deal, it is all about the content and the information gathered.

  4. Just got my copies of the book. I’m really happy with the overall outcome – it was a good team in addition to us, the authors (Nigel Kersten tech reviewing and, unofficially, a last-minute read through by a concerned Apple employee).

    As far as the graphics in the PDF – Greg and I have bugged Apress further on this issue and we believe they are looking into it. They already made one update and just updated anyone that purchased the PDF. That said, while I feel some of the graphics are lower-res than I’d like, nothing is illegible or unusable.

    Hope this helps a lot of admins that need to manage Macs.

  5. Ray says:


    Do you if this will be released in the ePub / iBooks format for the iPad anytime soon? I know I can read it as a PDF on the iPad, but I like the other features available with the ePub format (e.g. highlight, take notes, search the web).


    1. That would be a question for the publisher – Apress. I see no evidence they’ve released _any_ of their books in ePub or iBooks format, so I’d guess the likelihood is small.

    2. Well, I’m getting out-of-office replies from my main contacts, so, I’m still working through the maze. It may be January before I hear any ral answer, but I’m in agreement with Greg here…I’d slot it as ‘unlikely’ 😦 At least in the short term.

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