More Adobe Enterprise Deployment Toolkit FAIL

This post will act as a running log of today’s struggles with the CS4 Deployment Toolkit. This post was updated several times today, so if you read it earlier today, there may be new stuff added….

  • Start with the install media for Adobe CS4 Master Collection.
  • Run the CS4 Deployment Toolkit app and create a “package” that installs only Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Contribute.
  • Move the package and install media files to the test machine
  • Run the AdobeUberInstaller


Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Contribute are installed. But…

So are:
After Effects, Encore, Premiere Pro, and Soundbooth. Or are they?

The application folders are there, but inside: broken apps.


If you look at the AdobeUberInstaller.xml generated by the CS4 Deployment Toolkit, and go through the painful process of translating “AdobeCodes” like “{3EE73408-5536-4C99-9CEB-06C2A7A726B4}” into product names, we find that After Effects, Encore, Premiere Pro, and Soundbooth are not referenced at all in the XML file. I definitely unchecked them in the CS4 Deployment Toolkit, but they are not mentioned at all. Perhaps the default behavior is supposed to be “donotinstall”, but in actual practice, it seems to be something else.

In my case, the observed behavior is “partially install as broken”.

So I tried a few things; including manually editing the AdobeUberInstall.xml file, adding explicit “donotinstall” actions for the four unwanted apps:

	<!--added by gneagle-->
        <!--Adobe After Effects CS4-->
        <Payload adobeCode="{F706302E-1402-4D8D-8ABB-26B18ECAEFBB}">
        <!--Adobe Encore CS4-->
        <Payload adobeCode="{27B54140-8302-4B5D-83DD-AEE4B18BC7A4}">
        <!--Adobe Premiere Pro CS4-->
        <Payload adobeCode="{21EEB50A-C615-4B7B-928B-4262121A7C78}">
        <!--Adobe Soundbooth CS4-->
        <Payload adobeCode="{5AC26AE4-130C-4296-9BA8-563A99AE1946}">

But still no go – directories were still created under /Applications with broken application bundles for Premiere, After Effects, Soundbooth, and Encore.

So I started poking through the install log in /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers, in this case named “Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection 4.0 10-07-2009.log”.

I found a section that looked like this:

BEGIN InstallOperationsQueue Unordered operations
  {02FD2912-C5C4-41f0-B7D2-0C1871EB9565} Adobe Flash CS4 Extension - Flash Lite STI es: with operation none
  {046EB5D9-BDAB-4D5A-BC23-45583F6B8EF0} Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Functional Content: with operation none
  {064F0D64-1F54-4F4B-953E-BAED5D7E69B2} PDF Settings CS4: with operation install

This looked promising. Buried in this section of the log were these lines (they weren’t all next to one another; I’ve put them all together here for brevity):

{0AEC3900-1F89-4649-9D10-B0469D5F6A0B} Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Third Party Content: with operation install
{D5AD1A24-F381-4D67-BA1C-A2661AEB06A5} Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Codecs: with operation install
{575C8FA0-8180-4554-828A-1AD52446CAA1} Adobe Encore CS4 Codecs: with operation install
{568E0A79-996C-4B04-B613-F06CBE7B320B} Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content: with operation install


Somehow, some subcomponents for Premiere, Soundbooth, Encore, and After Effects were being selected for install. A peek inside the broken application bundles seemed to match the payload descriptions above, so I think I’ve found the culprit.

Now to figure out how I can get these items deselected for install…

Back to CS4 Deployment Toolkit.

Start creating a package. Point it at the install files for the CS4 Master Collection. Proceed to the Product Options screen and search for:

Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Third Party Content
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Codecs
Adobe Encore CS4 Codecs

They do not exist in the GUI, and cannot be deselected! Grrrr….

No matter – I’ll just add them manually to the AdobeUberInstaller.xml file:

<!--added by gneagle-->
<!--Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Third Party Content-->
<Payload adobeCode="{0AEC3900-1F89-4649-9D10-B0469D5F6A0B}">
<!-- Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Codecs-->
<Payload adobeCode="{D5AD1A24-F381-4D67-BA1C-A2661AEB06A5}">
<!--Adobe Encore CS4 Codecs-->
<Payload adobeCode="{575C8FA0-8180-4554-828A-1AD52446CAA1}">
<!--Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content-->
<Payload adobeCode="{568E0A79-996C-4B04-B613-F06CBE7B320B}">

And now to test…

FAIL. Broken app bundles for After Effects, Encore, Premiere Pro, and Soundbooth.

Is this thing just broken? Let’s go back a bit.

I remove all the Adobe apps and shared files from my test machine (AdobeUberUninstall plus some manual cleanup), and then manually run the from the CS4 Master Collection media, and choose the same options I chose with the CS4 Deployment Toolkit.

Same result. Broken app bundles for apps I didn’t choose to install.

So in this case, it’s not the Enterprise Deployment Toolkit that’s failing, it’s the underlying install process — you get the same broken results with a manual install.

More Adobe Enterprise Deployment Toolkit FAIL

4 thoughts on “More Adobe Enterprise Deployment Toolkit FAIL

  1. Christopher Prosser says:

    I can tell you what’s getting installed, but I’m not sure I can help you fix it.

    The stuff that is getting in called we label Protected Content. It’s stuff we pay a license fee to use (mainly the MPEG2 encoder). The subinstaller is supposed to be marked as not visible to the user, but optional for install, which is the path the installer takes when installing as a trail. Basically if you have a valid serial number it wants to get installed. Now, the fact that you aren’t installing the main payloads means it shouldn’t install and is a bug in the Master Collection installer.

    Do you have a contact inside adobe you are working with?
    –chris prosser
    after effects engineering manager

    1. I haven’t tried to work with anyone at Adobe yet, but certainly would be willing to try. I agree that this is an issue in the internal dependency tree; the protected content should be dependent on both the relevant apps (After Effects, Encore, Premiere, and Soundbooth) and the serial number. I tried poking around in the payload XML files to see if I could figure out out the dependencies are defined (so I could change them), but haven’t made much progress yet.

  2. Pepijn Bruienne says:

    Funny thing is that *a certain unreleased enterprise product by Adobe* still does this. I guess we both noted issues with it but of all the things that did actually get installed, albeit broken, were Premiere, Sound Booth and Premiere Pro. Guess it wasn’t fixed for CS5 (yet).

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