Macworld 2009 MCX presentation

WGM iconHere is a PDF of my presentation at Macworld SF 2008 on Managing OS X Clients with or without Open Directory.

Macworld 2009 MCX presentation

12 thoughts on “Macworld 2009 MCX presentation

  1. Thanks for this explanation. I have been looking at how to implement Local MCX since the last WWDC and this cleared up my last few questions (distribution and updating). Thanks for the help!

    Are there slides for the other parts mentioned on the early slide?

  2. James says:


    I attended the MacIT conference and your presentation was great. I originally was attending the presentation next door on managing OSX in mixed environments -> this unfortunately turned out to be a sales demo.

  3. James: that’s not surprising since the person giving the presentation was from a company that sells a cross-platform client management system… It’s not likely that such a person is going to do a fair and balanced overview of the options and approaches.

  4. ngriffiths says:

    Great stuff!! There never seems to be enough out there on MCX. Wish I could’ve caught the presentation!

  5. Jason Kuo says:

    Hey Greg,

    Thanks for all the help with getting started with Local MCX. I’ve got it implemented on a machine that I’ll be imaging, and I’m running into one issue:

    I want to disable automatic login. To do so, I created a computer group called LoginWindow, and then unchecked that ability in the Options tab of the Login Pref pane. Strangely though, when I do that, it also locks out the ability to change the computer name in System Preferences>Computer Name. Any idea what I could be doing to introduce this behavior?


  6. I see similar behavior. That must be a relatively new OS bug; I don’t recall seeing that in the past.

    I find you can still set the name with the systemsetup binary:

    sudo systemsetup -setcomputername “Foobar”

    And since I have this scripted anyway, it’s a non-issue for me as far as administration goes, and there’s the side-benefit that a user with admin rights can’t rename the machine.

    Still, it’s a bug, so if it affects you, you should report it via


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