iTunes preference management

iTunes IconWorkgroup Manager/MCX supports managing some iTunes preferences if you use the Preference Details and add the Managed Client preference managements.

It turns out there are a few more things you can manage if you look here.

These additional items include:

  • disableCheckForUpdates
  • disableAutomaticDeviceSync
  • disableGetAlbumArtwork
  • disablePlugins

and more. These also seem to work as regular default keys. For example:

defaults write disableCheckForUpdates -bool YES

turns off and disables automatic checking for updates. You might want to do that if you manage installation of iTunes updates yourself.

iTunes preference management

3 thoughts on “iTunes preference management

  1. Jeff says:

    I found one small side effect to running:
    defaults write disableCheckForUpdates -bool YES

    After I did this, the Update and Restore buttons in the iPhone preferences in iTunes were grayed out. Pretty strange that this plist file would control that, but it does. After I ran this:

    defaults write disableCheckForUpdates -bool NO

    I restarted iTunes, and those buttons were available again. Very odd that this flag would prevent you from restoring your iPhone?

  2. JeremyD says:

    @ Jeff – yes, since this key/value pair disables checking for updates, this affects iPhones–and iPhone Restore functions, consequently.

    The Restore function is likely closely tied to checking for updates.

    I can confirm the same observations you’ve made, and that changing the end of defaults command to -bool NO permits Check for Updates and Restore functions on iPhone.

    In each case the preference does not take effect until relaunching.

  3. Xenedar says:

    This also affects iPhone app update checking, as well as iTunes update checking and iPhone update/restoring. Your list of iPhone apps will still be available, but the “Check for Updates” and “X Updates Available” will be greyed out.

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