WWDC Session followup

Several people asked me for the slides from yesterday’s presentation; unfortunately they are now Apple’s property. They’ll eventually be available through Apple. But here are the URLs that I referenced in my slides for your clicking pleasure:

QuotaMonitorMenu by Adam Gerson

Network Home Redirector

My articles on Portable Home Directories without Open Directory

WWDC Session followup

3 thoughts on “WWDC Session followup

  1. Mark says:

    In working with the portable home directories did you find any way to script the syncing to force it to sync by a cron job or such? Or even just some type of command line way to sync the home directory.

  2. Michael Alatorre says:

    FWIW, after I implemented a AD-OD Triangle here and brought about PHDs for our workstations (primarily to cover those users who didn’t keep their files on their workgroup sharepoints), I ran into a situation. A small group of users had more than one computer they used regularly–they had a desktop and a portable. I couldn’t put both on PHDs, so I came up with a solution for the non-PHD machine. I used rsync, public key authentication, shell scripting and cron to do roughly and inelegantly what a PHD does (periodically sync data between their local home directory and a network folder on our file server). It works from the server side and if you’re interested, I can send you the details. HTH

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