FileVault notes

I’ve published an article on FileVault deployment at It’s here.

You can get a PDF version here.

FileVault notes

2 thoughts on “FileVault notes

  1. As an addition for the “Living with FileVault” section, I would like to mention that the Adobe Updater utility for Creative Suite CS2 consistently fails if you are logged in as a user who has FileVault active. I have had to create an additional administrative user just to be able to update my Adobe applications.

    -Chris Knight

  2. Thanks for that data point.
    I’d argue that you should have an additional administrative user anyway – that you shouldn’t run your day-to-day account as an admin user, and that you should have a non-FileVaulted admin account available to use if you need to recover from one of the FileVault disaster scenarios. There are ways to create a new local admin account by booting into single-user mode, and if you are connected to a directory service you probably have access to network-based admin accounts, so it’s not an absolute necessity.

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