Macworld 2007 MacIT presentation slides

Macworld Expo LogoHere are the slides from the presentations I did last week at Macworld 2007. Thanks to my co-presenters and to all who attended. It was my first time presenting at Macworld, and I enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

IT801 Planning and creating Mac OS X images for Mass Deployment – Philip Rinehart and myself, presenters

IT821 Image Creation Techniques – Justin Elliot and myself, presenters

IT861 Getting the Most out of Portable Home Directories – Michael Harvey and myself, presenters

Macworld 2007 MacIT presentation slides

2 thoughts on “Macworld 2007 MacIT presentation slides

  1. Greg,

    Thanks for the slides. For those of us who couldn’t get to MacWorld, it is nice to see what is included in some of the presentations. It would be even more handy to have access to the slide’s speaker’s notes or an audio recording (if any exists, not sure if this session will be included inthe ADC recordings). Thanks as always for the excellent info!

  2. Since this was Macworld, and not WWDC, ADC won’t be making the sessions available. But it does appear that you can buy videos of the sessions here:

    My sessions were in this track:

    I haven’t seen the videos, and since I didn’t see a video camera at any of the sessions I presented, I’m a little skeptical. Perhaps I’ll buy one and check it out…

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