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I was asked for more detail on how I cleaned up my Tcl/Tk libraries so that CrossOver would run:

I just removed the extra Tcl/Tk libraries we had installed, leaving me with the libraries that ship with 10.4.x for Intel (radmind made this easy to do) and that worked. I did not need to actually _install_ any TclTkAqua libraries. We had installed these older libraries back with Panther for a Tcl/Tk app we deployed; it appears they are no longer needed in Tiger, as Tiger ships with its own Tcl/Tk libraries.

Looking at what radmind changed, it looks like

sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework
sudo rm -rf /Library/Tcl

will produce the same result.
The OS-supplied Tcl libraries are in /System/Library/Framworks/Tcl.framework and /System/Library/Tcl and should be left alone. If you use any other apps that rely on Tcl/Tk, you’ll probably want to test them after you make this change…

More on CrossOver Mac