Radmind 1.6, Tiger and symlinks

radmind iconEarlier this month, I posted about an issue with radmind 1.5.1 when used under Tiger — symlinks could be created in such a way that they were unusable by anyone but root. This causes lots of other problems.

This was actually caused by a combination of a change in radmind to make the creation of temporary files more secure, and a difference in how symlinks behave in Tiger vs just about every other UNIX in existence.

radmind 1.6 was released this week, and contains changes that prevent this issue from happening under Tiger. Add in the new support for optional network compression and Universal Binary goodness, and you should definitely check it out.

Note that radmind 1.6.1 was released shortly after the release of 1.6. The only change was a fix for a compile problem on non-OS X OSes. There is a Mac OS X installer for 1.6; with 1.6.1 you have to compile from source. When I tried compiling 1.6.1, I got platform-specific binaries instead of Universal Binaries. So I didn’t spend any more time on the issue, and grabbed the 1.6 release instead.

Radmind 1.6, Tiger and symlinks