Universal AppleScript applets

appletI hadn’t seen this documented anywhere else, and just stumbled across it… I wanted to update several AppleScript applets that were PowerPC applications into Univeral binaries.

Note I’m talking about the sort of AppleScript applications that one builds with Script Editor and saving the script as an application – not AppleScript Studio apps.

When you save an AppleScript in Script Editor, there are several options in the File Format menu. If you choose “application”, you’ll get a PowerPC-only app. However, if you choose “application bundle”, you’ll get a Universal app.

So open your AppleScript apps in Script Editor, and resave them as “application bundles” and you are set!

Universal AppleScript applets

3 thoughts on “Universal AppleScript applets

  1. Bahi says:

    Top tip! Thanks for this information and for consistently useful, informative and well written articles.

  2. Corbin052198 says:

    Thanks! I made an icon set that are applescripts with icons. When you click one them, they display the message “This is an icon, not an application”, then close.

    I saved as just an application, then later found out it was a PowerPC script. I knew Rosseta was optional in the Mac OS X 10.6 install, so I wanted to get it universal. Thanks for the tip!!

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