Imaging struggles

I’ve started on the task of building a NetRestore set and image for the Intel Macs. I used Disk Utility to create a new image of the boot drive. After the normal incredibly long process, it failed with an “error 49168”. So, I tried again. Same error.

I remembered that I had had this same issue the last time I built restore images on PPC Macs (when the new PowerBook G4s were released last fall) – I flailed about and eventually got it to work, but I never knew exactly what I had done that fixed it.

So, like last time, I Googled for “Disk Utility error 49168” and this time hit gold. In this thread, “ScottRussell2” found that it was NAV that was causing the error by having the audacity to scan the image while Disk Utility was creating it.

So, I killed NAV and attempted to create the image again. Success!

Imaging struggles

5 thoughts on “Imaging struggles

  1. I struggle to remember this everytime. My solution? NAV is gone! GONE! Gone like the wind, it’s GONE! In the 1.5 years I have been running NAV, it has detected 1 windoze virus on a .exe file that I had unwittingly downloaded. So for all it’s done for me… it’s GONE!
    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks dude. Saved me. So sick of antivirus causing problems with everything. But Apple and their cryptic errors are also on my s-list

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