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KROQMy favorite LA radio station, KROQ, has finally joined the 21st century and is streaming their broadcast on the Internet.

Unfortunately, their implementation sucks. The stream is a Windows Media stream, and their web page access to the stream is written in such a way that it only works with IE on Windows! Firefox on Windows doesn’t work, and on the Mac, Safari, Firefox and IE won’t play it either.

All is not lost, however. A look at the source on their web page reveals the URL of the stream:

Opening that URL in Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X plays the stream just fine and dandy.

I’ve spent a little time rewriting the HTML for their web page and was able to get Safari to play the stream, but then I broke something and haven’t been able to get it to do it again. But since I know the Windows Media plugin does work with Safari, I know it should be possible to get it working from a browser. Too bad KROQ doesn’t care.

KROQ streams

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for your post about KROQ. I’m a Mac Safari user, too, and was getting frustrated with the whole thing. I looked at the source code myself but I guess not hard enough! Thank you for posting the URL stream!

  2. hey guys, i have no idea how to get this to work….could one of you please explain it a bit more…thank you much.
    Good Luck.

  3. Another note: KROQ has changed their website so that you can’t get to their stream from their website without first signing up for the “KROQ Street Team” and then logging in. So far, that hasn’t stopped this workaround (using WMP9 for Mac to open the URL directly) from working, but that could change in the future. The URL could change as well.

  4. DaveB says:

    Argh! I’ve also been frustrated by this, and now WM9 also won’t play it. (I get a connection error). Anybody know where to complain to at KROQ? Shall we just start bombarding them with emails?

  5. km says:

    KROQ not working this morning–as MikeM notes, says it’s working but no sound/music is coming out. Hate to not have Kevin & Bean in the morning!!

  6. It’s not working on Windows, either, even when using KROQ’s embedded player (with the “Street Team” login). So it’s almost certainly a problem with the stream itself.

  7. Joel says:

    It seems to be playing an older Kevin and Bean. It’s 6/27/2006 now and the stream is playing the Breakfast with Beck. Is this stream not the live one?

  8. Same as listening to the live FM broadcast – K&B are on vacation this week (and I’ll bet next week, too) and they’re playing “Best of…”

  9. Great tip, thanks. The KROQ player sucks as you already pointed out, even on my PC! Won’t work with Firefox on either the Mac or PC. But your simple tip fixes that little problem.

  10. Well, they recently switched to streaming using StreamTheWorld, a provider offering their streams in Adobe Flash Format. For me, this was rather frustrating: I am using a screen reader to navigate the internet (due to me being blind). This screen reader is unable to gain access to the KROQ Flash Web Player. After them not replying to my emails, I now found this URL:
    This is an AACP-Stream. I guess it is nothing official at all though; at least, I didn’t find any official references to it and if you listen to this stream carefully, you will discover that it sounds like an FM-Radio being hooked up to a computer. But I still love it!

  11. Steve Ross says:

    I’m the one who created the KROQ radio widget , just happened to find this link… Tried your comment’s solutions and still none worked ffor me on my mac or pc… The one eric posted from another site does seem to play but is distored and scrambled sounding…(on my windows rig, couldnt get to open on my mac)

    Problem happened when they changed their stream for the 3rd or so time… now its deeply encoded within flash… im no flash expert, but i did decompile the flash & spent like over a day looking thru the mess of code, omg whoever did code it was a mess of disorganization.. anyways keep up the lookout for stream info if there is a simple one, but this is crazy .. i dont even care if we have to put our streatteam info in, i just want a small widget to listen to it… simple… please dont bother the radio station about this though, they have no control over it- its who owns them and majority of the stations here in area… but most all my other radio widgets work fine… just havent spent much time getting them to work easily with mac… mac opens the player, which i dont care for, so perhaps when new OS comes out I’ll dive back in and get some mac compatible widgets for everyone… was going to do vista ones as well but omg my new 20in vista rig was so terrible with nothing installed on it and constantly kept crashing and ran nothing i had to return it.. haha Hope the wait on the new apple OS worth waiting for. Anyways, feel free to contact me at hbsteve88 at yahoo and let me know if you have any new stream info… would love to work on this and get working again for pc & mac…

  12. Hello Again. I forgot to let you guys know that <a href=””this URL works fine on my Logitech Squeezebox, which plays MP3, OGG and WMA streams.
    It is a low quality MP3 stream, but it works better than I’d have expected. You should give it a try. Seems that loads of CBS/StreamTheWorld Stations can be listened to by just changing the call sign in the URL appropriately.

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