Using radmind to install Tiger – Part 3

radmind brain imageI’ve pulled together the scripts and associated files that I use to run radmind. These work for me in day-to-day use, and specifically to update a machine from Panther to Tiger.

The scripts

I normally put them in /usr/local/radmind; if you choose another location, you’ll need to edit the paths to the other files in radmind/scripts/radmindNow and radmind/scripts/

Using radmind to install Tiger – Part 3

3 thoughts on “Using radmind to install Tiger – Part 3

  1. Rik Serpentier says:

    Hi, this is more a question than a comment. Where do you put the scripts ? On the server, I presume ? Where goes the content of the folders “/etc”, “/images”, “/tmp” ?

    Thank you

  2. No – they are on the client. You can use radmind to get them there. Radmind can be used to update itself, and any scripts you use to run it. Not sure what you are asking re the contents of /etc, /images, /tmp, etc.

  3. Rik Serpentier says:

    These are folders that come with the scripts by downloading from “The scripts” above.

    Meanwhile I found out that I have to put everything in /usr/local/radmind on the client, as you said. Thanks for that.

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