MacSysAdmin 2013 links

Here are links for the things I’m talking about today at MacSysAdmin 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden:


Adobe Enterprise tools:


RUM Channel IDs:



AutoPkg recipes:

AutoPkg documentation:

AutoPkg discussion:


Other cool stuff from Tim:

Other cool stuff from MagerValp:

Other automatic Munki importing things:

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4 Comments on “MacSysAdmin 2013 links”

  1. donmontalvo Says:

    Holy crap, what the heck are we missing!? :)

  2. Antonio Says:

    Algunas publicaciones me gustaron algo mas…

  3. Rob Says:

    Greg great talk and the automunki info is really cool. Nice work. I am working off a fresh muni repository and have automunki working great but I’m getting build failures when using Jenkins. Do you have some further notes on how you configured Jenkins to work with automunki?

    • GregN Says:

      Comments on a blog page are a limiting place to discuss this sort of thing. If you are really talking about _automunki_, try contacting the developers of automunki. If you meant _autopkg_, try the autopkg-discuss Google Group.

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